Synthesizer: Tekky Synths - sYnYx 1.4 / Pc / Free


Tekky Synths - sYnYx, is a free VST synthesizer for Windows.  Features:

- 2x Multi type filter section  

- Cut Off filter link

- 2x multishape unison oscillator

- OSC mixer

- 1x ADSR

- 1x Step Tune Sequencer with easy draw pattern  

- 1x Gate Sequencer

- 2 types of random for sequencer patterns

- Save for user pattern presets

- Full random on all parameters for easy preset generation

- Full midi learn on every parameters

- all knobs midi CC assignable

- 1x BPM delay

Updated in this version:

- Random sequence push button added

- Random tone generator push button added  

- Fine GUI adjustments

- Fine overall levels adjustments

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"Is a very efficient little synth for creating fast and cutting thru melodic patterns.It is also very good at creating sound FX." Via