DAW: Zynewave - Podium 2.01

Zynewave has released version 2.01 of their DAW / Sequencer for Windows - Podium.
Here are the changes:

  • Added "Minimum strip width" setting to the mixer region properties dialog.
  • Fix: The track template feature introduced in 2.00 could cause a crash when using the track menu on parameter tracks.


  • Introduced a new file-based track template system. This replaces the previous per-project template system. The templates are managed in the new "Track Templates" submenu of the track context menu. There are commands for saving the current effect track, the effect chain or the entire track or group track including automation tracks. The save template dialog has an option for including timeline events in the template. All saved track templates are available for recall in submenus: "New Track", "Insert Effect Chain" and "Replace Effect Chain".
  • Added support for drag-scrolling in the editors when dragging the mouse outside the display area. The scroll sensitivity can be adjusted with two new settings in the preferences dialog: "Drag scroll acceleration width around editor" and "Drag scroll maximum pixels per second".
  • Added "Merge Project" command to the Project menu. The contents of the selected merge project file is imported into the current project. The merge project file is not modified. Imported arrangements are modified to use the device objects found in the current project. If the merge project contains device objects not found in the current project these are imported as well.
  • Moved all project template menu commands into a "Project Templates" submenu of the Project menu.
  • Added "Load Device Setup" submenu to the Project Templates submenu. This can be used to replace the device setup in the current project with the setup from a project template.
  • Added "Explore Templates Folder" and "Update Templates List" commands to the Project Templates submenu. These replace the old "Delete Template" submenu.
  • Added "Explore Projects Folder" command to the project menu.
  • If you organize your project and track template files in subfolders, Podium will show the files in submenus named after the folders.
  • Made minor changes to the track context menu. Moved some commands to the new Properties submenu. The names of currently assigned objects are appended to the label of the Input, Source, Preset and Parameter submenus.
  • The older track context menu used in the mixer and expanded mode arrangement editor has been replaced with the newer compact track menu.
  • Added "Track Template" submenu to the tracks region menu button below the last track.
  • The Podium 2.00 installer creates two new subfolders in the Library folder: "Project Templates" and "Track Templates". The old "Templates" folder is no longer used so you should move any project templates you have saved with previous Podium versions to the new "Project Templates" folder.
  • The location of the project template and track template folders can be set in the preferences dialog.
  • A warning message appears when Podium starts up if some of the user configured folders could not be found. The preferences dialog is subsequently opened with the invalid folders highlighted.
  • Made minor changes to the drawing of track headers.
  • Fix: A change in release 1.99 had the side-effect that only one audio input mapping could be active.
  • Fix: VST plugins with several thousand parameters would mess up the track menu. The parameter submenu is now limited to show max 5000 parameters.

  • Price: 90 dollar
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    "Podium offers a unique hierarchic mixing engine that integrates audio recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear. Configuration of plugins and external hardware are encapsulated in an object based project structure, which hides the technical complexities when you want to focus on musical inspiration." Via