Instrument: AudioWarrior - Studio Acoustic 12 String Guitar Plugin

Studio Acoustic 12-String Guitar Plugin

Audiowarrior releases The "Studio Acoustic 12-String Guitar" virtual rhythm guitar plugin.

* Instantly open all of G-Mapped chords in one Bank window
* Natural acoustic 24 bit samples
* AudioWarrior's Exclusive Patent Pending G-Mapping process for user interactive authentic chord strumming
on a non-weighted MIDI keyboard
* Chromatic patches plus click & play Chord Bank.
* Thousands of chord combinations possible
* "85" G-Mapped Strummable chord patches.
Strum or pick chords any way you choose.
* Natively programmed as a playable performance instrument.

Available as VST, AU, ReWire or Standalone for PC WINDOWS XP OR VISTA, MAC OS X10.4 OR HIGHER (uses HALion player, includes FX,).
Price: $49

"An indispensable songwriting tool with 1700-3400 Automatic-Chord-Strummming possibilities!
Have it Auto Strum or strum it the way 'you'want to hear it."