Sequencer: XT Software - energyXT2 Beta 30 May


XT Software releases a new beta version of the excellent sequencer, energyXT.
Changes in 30-may - energyXT2.x BETA:

- you can new edit a selection of a sample with normalize, cut, trim, fade in and out
- added option for welcome screen (see setup > global > startup)
- added some more project templates in File > New
- you can now remove all unused samples in audio pool
- added support for set as default project
- compressor ratio was displayed inverted in gui, now fixed
- fixed denorminalisation bug on filter effect
- could not add drum events after creating drum & bass template, now fixed
- re-order sends and drop fx, didnt update drum sound send leves, now fixed
- mixer strip in drum editor didnt show all fx, now fixed
- added simple factory drumset to drum sampler
- added more presets to synthesizer
- random track color (turn on/off in options) is now more colorfull

Price: 49 euro Full version, 19 euro Light version.
Beta version fully working until next or final version.
Read more about energyXT2 here.

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