Sounds: Precisionsound - MEGHAN Celtic Harp

Precisionsound Celtic Harp

Precisionsound Releases the MEGHAN Celtic Harp Sample Library.
The library contains 8 programs for HALion, 10 programs (24bit) for NI Kontakt and 5 (16bit) SoundFont programs.
The total amount of stereo WAV files is 207. Download size aprox. 208 MB (Packed).
Price: $69.00
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"The MEGHAN Celtic Harp is the biggest and most resonant Celtic Harp in the "family" with 36 strings and a 5 octave range.
It’s traditionally tuned at the white keys for 5 octaves but we retuned the Harp so C1 to B2 is almost completely sampled in halftones. The highest octaves C3 to C5 is the white keys only and stretched to C6, the complete range of our library is 6 octaves and in 4 effective velocity layers and sampled in discrete stereo."