Synthesizer: Ftec-Audio - HV-Formant


Ftec-Audio unveils HV-Formant, a "Heptaverton Surround" (What that ever means?) VSTi synth for Windows.

  • Stereo and HV-Surround play mode.
  • 100% modular design (no predefined or internal connections between modules) upto effect section.
  • Flexible Monophonic, Polyphonic and Unison voice selection.
  • Unique 6 oscillator concept with dynamic wave mixing and splitting.
  • Open filter architecture with multiple standard and exotic filter algorithms.
  • Multi curve envelopes with advanced velocity or modulation responce.
  • Easy internal or external colour coded controller assignment, saved with each patch.
  • key hold memory with key add and remove function.
  • Stereo or HV-surround pan, chorus and delay effects.
  • 64 cell polyphonic sequencer, arpeggiator.
  • Online Manual, Forum and patch exchange

Price: €69
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"HV-Formant is actualy a project and not only a product if you become a member you can participate in this project and share your knowledge and ideas with other members through the forums and patch exchange." Via