Synthesizer: whiteLABEL - granulOSO v0.5 / Pc / Free

whiteLABEL granulOSO : timestretching granule synth

whiteLABEL releases a really cool granular synth sample masher called granulOSO. This is my kind of stuff!

Mono or 6 note Poly
3 loop modes
ADSR Envelope
4 LFOs [1 each of triangle, ramp, saw and square]
Dual waveform displays with zoom
plays 16 or 24 bit wave files [32/44.1/48/88.2/96k]

LFOs are freely assignable to modulate :

Coarse loop points
Fine loop points

granulOSO can be used to turn any sample into a synth and its good at making cheap keyboard sounds.
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"As well as synth primitives, granulOSO can be coaxed into lo-fi timestretching with degree of stretch, and grain size adjustable on the fly. Whilst doing this, granulOSO uses a mono trigger with polyphonic pitch so each new note's samples join in rather than start again so it can be used as a gnarly harmonizer." Via