Ableton - Ableton Live 7.0.9

ableton live 7

Ableton updates the innovative DAW / Sequencer - Ableton Live to version 7.0.9. Changes since 7.0.7:

Updated manuals
Updated texts
Updated lesson package

Bug fixes:
Consolidating frozen tracks could result in a silent consolidate clip.
The infotexts for the MIDI/KEY learn frame over the cross fade section were corrupted.
On Mac OS X, sending out MIDI clock would not work properly for a song loop back jump.
If the File Manager was opened, and the cursor was over it, the title of the infoview would say 'Lessons View' instead of 'File Manager'.
Previewing Live clips and MIDI files would show a cut text in the status bar.
Hotswap buttons for devices would not 'glow' when the mouse hovered over them.
Under certain conditions, hotswap for nested Drum Racks would open the wrong preset folder in the Browser.
If the fine song tempo was learned to a MIDI controller, moving that controller immediately after adding a Live clip would lead to a crash.
In Live's Browser, plugins were not sorted according to sort order when the folder was expanded.
In Live's file Browser, renaming a folder containing a recorded sample would silently fail and could set clips, used in the current Live set, offline.
Having an audio track set to external input, armed and muted; the level meter color was still green instead of grey.
Recording MIDI could lead to a crash when the first note was recorded immediately after starting a MIDI clip by clicking on a slot button of an armed track.
'Collect Samples on Export' would not work even if the corresponding Preferences option was enabled.
In Live's Browser, when sorting preset by path, the current project entry would be placed randomly within the presets.
Analog, Tension and Electric would show 16 MIDI channels although they receive MIDI only on channel 1.
If a window was opened from within the Live process that Live does not know about (for example from NI Kore), Live would crash when opening a context menu or a popup chooser.
Under certain conditions, the pads of a Drum Rack could stay permanently hidden.
Changing the name of an effect or instrument device would not be reflected in the context menu of an assigned Macro knob.
Renaming a send track would not immediately effect the parameter chooser display for that track.
In the 'External Instrument' device, changing the 'MIDI To' chooser always reset the 'Audio From' chooser.
A few OIC presets would require an unlocked EIC product.
Opening a list view from within nested Drum Racks could lead to a crash.
Depending of the current language, texts in the Trial section of the Preferences would not be displayed completely.
On Windows Vista and independent of buffer size and CPU usage, using some FW based audio interfaces would always result in clicks & pops in the audio as soon as multi-core support was enabled
In a Drum Rack, extracting a chain with a certain routing to its parent return chain would lead to a crash.
In several message boxes for Library installations, file sizes would be displayed in GB and MB.
Freezing an armed track with audio coming from 'Resampling' would crash Live.
Unfolding the Browser by dragging over its open/close button would not work.
On Mac OS X, using several Analog instances could lead to dropouts.

Price: EUR 499/USD 599
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