Audio Editor: TwistedWave 1.5

The audio editor for Mac - TwistedWave has been updated to version 1.5. Changes:

Vertical zoom.
Support for WavPack and Wave64 files.
Added a level meter.
Added the File/Analyze menu item to gather some info about the waveform.
Added the option to lock the channels together.
Ability to display times in SMPTE.
Uses the TimeCode reference from .wav and .aiff files.
It is now possible to select the channels used for recording/playing.
New shortcuts: shift mouse wheel to scroll, and command wheel for vertical zoom.
The presets of individual effects in a stack would not always be remembered.
When saving a preset, the new name was not taken into account when OK was pressed. Only when validating with return.
TwistedWave now handles properly Audio Units whose GUI can resize.
When saving a WAV file, TwistedWave would fail if the extension is not in lower case letters.
Saving as OGG vorbis would only write 44100kHz files.
Closed files would remain open by TwistedWave, preventing them from being emptied from the trash.

Price: $49.90

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