DAW: Cockos - REAPER 2.4

cockos reaper

Cockos unveils version 2.4 of the great shareware DAW / Sequencer - Reaper.

Per-take volume/pan/mute envelopes
Preliminary scrub/jog support (with lots of options in Preferences/Playback)
Middle mouse button in arrange now defaults to jog/scrub
You can now grab the top of the edit cursor to move (optionally jog/scrub)
Per-item locking
Parameter modulation: drive FX parameters from LFO or audio control signals (unlimited sidechaining!)
Rendering: now shows rendered peaks preview
Rendering: high quality native dither and noise shaping options
Preferences: search function for finding relevant options
Simple color theme element finder (launched from color theme pref window, or by action)
JS effects now have pin/channel routing controls, JS effects can now define input/output pins
ctrl+alt+drag items drops a rendered copy of items, hold shift to drag the source media
ReaSamplomatic5000: convenient "import selected item from arrange" button
Optional showing of cues for supported media files (view/show media cues in items)
WAV reader: support for reading common WAV file cues and loops
WAV writer: support for writing project markers and regions to cues and loops
MIDI editor: note naming (double-rightclick piano roll or use the action)
MIDI editor: can now override ESC key assignment
MIDI editor: option to enable autosave of midi files on editor close
MIDI editor: now supports with multiple CC lanes, saves CC lane state, better CC centering behavior
Action to convert media item cues to project markers and item loops to project regions
Actions to convert MIDI takes to/from file-based takes (name gets *), for ghost clip functionality
Action to rename last touched track
Actions to cut/copy selected items (without being focus dependent)
Confirmation when deleting tracks with delete key (action for no prompt available)
Safer winmm (waveOut/MIDI) device closing behavior
waveOut/KS/DS: if no input device found, output is still opened
new automatic worker thread behavior on OSX
made demo project use less CPU (changed resampling mode)
tweaked mousewheel behavior when a window is captured
made marquee in envelope mode that doesnt intersect active envelope unselect envelope and select items
skinnable item buttons
more efficient bezier envelope interpolation (bugfix)
if Shup is installed, a new "Shup file" button appears at the end of render
track envelope window now updates with fx/send changes if set to keep open
reatune,reaeq,virtual midi keyboard: fixed octave display issues, fixed MIDI output in reatune
click of track/item FX buttons now closes FX chain window if already open
envelope dialog now uses virtual windows for better support of more parameters
better doubleclick handling on some parts of items (FX buttons, etc)
plug-ins now report actual PDC required independent of buffer size, chain still shows total compensated latency
display of grid/snap sizes now supports 1/4T instead of 1/6 etc
Audio Unit: fixed loading of presets, improved PDC
fixed bug when dragndrop of media+projects at the same time
fixed updating source file/undo states when using looped sections of items
better save-as with trim behavior for looped sections of items
Docker: updated resize handling when docked
ReaFIR: smoother FFT curve drawing, draw note name in tooltip
VST: support for parameter center extensions, improved ReaEQ and ReaXcomp
updated TCP scrolling to better support more tracks when zoomed in
project save-as dialog: now remembers save options (for both saving as new and re-saving existing)
Drag and drop fix for Battery 3
new preference for tooltip delay time
optimized heap allocation granuarity to increase low latency performance

Price: From $50.00 USD
Read more about Reaper here.
REAPER is uncrippled unexpiring shareware.

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"unless you are 100 percent happy with your current MIDI + Audio sequencer, you'd be a fool not to give REAPER a try" Via