DAW: PG Music - RealBand 2008.5

RealBand 2008.5

PG Music launches a new DAW / Sequencer for Windows RealBand 2008.5.

Intelligent automatic accompaniment by Band-in-a-Box.
RealTracks and RealDrums – automatic live instrument parts.  Generate Real Instruments or other new tracks to add to an existing audio file.  The added parts play in sync as they follow the original tempos from the audio file.
Generate an entire song or parts of a song.
The amazing Audio Chord Wizard figures out the chords from any MP3 or other audio files and writes them to the Chords window in RealBand.  Using just this one feature alone, you can easily learn to play MP3 songs, by seeing the chords displayed in RealBand.
MIDI music can be displayed in standard music notation on the screen and using the on-screen piano keyboard or guitar fretboard. 
48-track MIDI/audio mixer with multiple FX busses (up to 16 effects per track).
Support for popular audio file formats – MP3, WMA, WMV, WAV, and CDA.
Built-in DirectX audio effects.
DirectX and VST plug-ins supported.
Band-in-a-Box files load directly.
Compatible with all Band-in-a-Box styles and Real instruments.
Shares native .SEQ file type with PowerTracks Pro Audio, directly compatible.
Professional recording, editing, and playback features.  Create and edit music using piano roll, music notation, event list, bars view, track view and more.
Supports all major audio and MIDI file types, including PG Music’s PowerTracks Pro Audio files (*.SEQ) and Band-in-a-Box files (*.?G?).
Support for MIDI and Karaoke files.
Karaoke lyrics window.
Piano roll window with graphic controller editing.
Onscreen notation and lead sheet style printout.
Virtual guitar fretboard and piano keyboard.
…and much more!
Price: 129 dollar

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"RealBand is a new program that combines the most popular features from PG Musics PowerTracks Pro Audio and Band-in-a-Box programs into an all-in-one sequencing program with automatic accompaniment. You can create an arrangement with Band-in-a-Box tracks; type in the chords, add RealTracks and RealDrums that follow the chord changes, add your own tracks, and then edit and produce the finished song without ever leaving the program!" Link