Instrument: Mikko Maducdoc - Milk Guitar 1.9.1 Final / Pc / Free

Milk Guitar

Mikko Maducdoc releases Final version 1.9.1 of Milk Guitar, a free strummable, MIDI-controlled virtual guitar instrument for Windows.

Some Features:
- A few well-sampled chords
- Several built-in effects including room and reverb controls, harmonics, bass cut filter and stereo widening effect
- Pre-defined combinations and strumming keys

Changes from Beta version:

- ultra-lightweight: unzipped DLL file is now only 10MB from 19.8MB
- reduced noise by over 80%
- remastered the same sample set
- fixed minor chord bugs

"Pre-defined combinations and strumming keys allow you to strum and tap with ease. And because it's midi, it's very easy to quantize your guitar part." Link