Instruments: NaokiT - Pirezo Acoustic 1.1

Pirezo Acoustic

NaokiT unveils the Virtual Piano With Realistic Resonance: Pirezo Acoustic.

Based on 96kHz 24bit stereo recorded samples.
Highly accurate internal 32bit processing engine.
Emulate hammer excitation and independent each 88 string rezonance.
Natural switchless dynamics changes
Multi cpu processing.
Less dynamic memory with nondestructive compression.(no HDD access)
88 polytones( * 7 harmonics, stereo)
Visible rezonance indicator

Price: $49 USD, Pc only
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"There are many piano sound module software in the world, and one or two or some of their sound's really nice I think. But when we talk about "rezonance" of strings, ... which software achieved it?" Via