Sequencer: XT Software - energyXT2 Beta 11 July


XT Software releases a new beta version of the great DAW / Sequencer, energyXT.
Latest changes:

11-july - energyXT2.x BETA
- added option to export one file per track
30-june - energyXT2.x BETA
- you can now copy/paste a selection of audio sample
- cut selection of audio sample (making sample shorter)
- add track using keyboard shortcut would crash, now fixed
- folder setup window didn't show up automatically on missing plugin, now fixed
- glue audio part but with only one part selected would hide events, now fixed
- drum track vol/pan/mute/solo didn't have any effect on send levels on each drum, now fixed
- changing eq frequency with mouse now has finer resolution on lower frequencies
- audio selection now works with current snap settings
- improved copy/paste events
- cut/paste parts, events and audio selection
- metronome sometimes out of sync when recording
- drag effects from browser into drum strip send section didn't add audio cable
- fixed various minor linux issues
- fixed bug with sending multiple midi events from the VST plugin version

Price: 49 euro Full version, 19 euro Light version.
Beta version fully working until next or final version.
Read more about energyXT2 here.
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"With features such as no loading-time, all-in-one synth, fx and sequencer, drum machine track, high quality time-stretching/pitch-shifting, REX2 and VST plugin just can't go wrong with energyXT2." Link