Sounds: Acousticsamples - new website and sample banks

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Arno at Acousticsamples wrote in the forums, that he has finished building the website for the new sample banks that he has created for EXS24 and Kontakt.

The commercial sample banks are for now a fretless bass (8 to 11 velocities, 13 velocities for the releases, harmonics, ghost notes, 700 Mo), a vibraphone (8 velocities, 3 velocities for the releases, 913 Mo), a fusion drumset (350Mo, 505 samples), an acoustic upright bass and an electric upright bass.

There are also some free samples which are really light versions and do not implement all the articulations but that can still be usable.

Looks really cool!
Read more in the forums.

I hope more will post software descriptions and links in the forums. It's a perfect way to get me to write about it :)