Sounds: Motion Samples presents five new sample libraries

sequential synthssouldelitebigbossdeephauscinematic

Motion Samples unveils five new sample libraries.
Sequential Synths: with over 400 loops of pumpin’ analog fx and synth rhythms for producing various styles of minimal house and techno. Price: $40
R&B Soul Delite Keys: selection of R&B’s finest ep, rhodes, piano and keyboard melodies with over 200 extended loops mixed down with Eventide processors for the perfect reverbs, delays and fx. Price: $40
Big Boss Sounds: with over 250 colossal multi-samples of stab chords, horns, orchestra hits, retro synth hooks, piano licks, dirty organs and tons more. Price: $25
DeepHaus Synth Loops: Get into the vibe with this vital collection of DeepHaus keys that features over 200 loops of synths and ambient pads for producing chilled and zoney club beats. Price: $35
Cinematic Hip Hop Intros: a collection of 80 cinematic intros of orchestrated scenes, violent effects and epic soundscapes played in moods of fury, suspense, sadness, champion, war and many more. Price: $25

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