Sounds: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS - Urban Arsenal

urban arsenal

Native Instruments has released URBAN ARSENAL, a KORE SOUNDPACK with a wide selection of production-ready sounds, groove construction kits and instruments for modern urban music. Now you can create your Hip Hop styled music with ease :)

Number of KoreSounds:
192 (32 drum kits with 40 groove sets and over 15000 groove variations, plus 50 KONTAKT and 70 MASSIVE sounds),

Sound Categories:
Drums, bass, synth, strings, brass, leads, pads, guitars, world instruments, piano, scratches, human beatbox, bells and FX sounds.

KORE integrated engines utilized:
KONTAKT, MASSIVE, integrated KORE effects

Download size (Mac / PC):
560MB / 560MB

System requirements:

Additional info:
MASSIVE sound sets may be used with the MASSIVE full version, the drum kits can also be loaded into the KONTAKT 3 and BATTERY 3 full versions.

Price: $119 / 99 €
Here are more Sounds, Loops and Samples.

"URBAN ARSENAL steps up with a trunk full of ready-made groove construction kits, drums and instruments; all pre-mastered and primed for use in today's urban productions." Via