Synthesizer: KarmaFX - KarmaFX Synth Modular 1.03

KarmaFX updates (bug fixes) Synth Modular -  the Analog Modular Synthesizer to version 1.03.

Here are the changes:

Safer memory allocation and sharing between dll's. [requires fresh install]
Added extra waveforms to additive and pad module.
Bugfix: Reading an external patch (track or fxp) that resides in a non-existing bank would crash the synth since v1.02. Fixed.
Bugfix: Rounding error in Parametric filter could cause crash. Fixed.
Bugfix: Rounding error in Distortion module could cause output from random distortion types. Fixed.
Bugfix: Custom window size dialog would block other dialogs afterwards. Fixed.
Bugfix: Frequency snap was not working properly in polyphonic mode. Fixed.
Bugfix: Decay in ADSR was not working when set to zero in Log mode. Fixed.
Bugfix: Step and NotePattern module would not sync correctly with a pattern length of 1. Fixed.
Bugfix: Additive modules are now initialized to random phases to avoid phase-sync when trigger is off.
Bugfix: Possible mem trash found and fixed in delay code.
Bugfix: NotePattern arpeggiator could loose sync and occasionally skip octaves. Fixed. 
Bugfix: NotePattern's timing was off with short pattern lengths. Fixed.
Bugfix: Porta was working strangely on note off in polyphonic mode. Fixed.
Bugfix: Pattern module would not pass midi control events. Fixed. 
Bugfix: Deleting a modulation module connected to a polyphonic module could crash the synth. Fixed.
Bugfix: Pad wavetable lookup was broken when modulating the input frequency. Fixed.
Bugfix: Switching to a pad module with Trigger set to off could crash the synth. Fixed.

Price: €76 / $120
Read more about KarmaFX Synth Modular here.

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