Effect: Audio Damage - Automaton


Audio Damage launches Automaton, a cool effect plugin with some artificial life!

» Cellular automata sequencer with host tempo-sync, five different musically useful rulesets (including a step sequencer), extensive randomization features, and a life of its own.
» Four sequencer-driven effects, including Stutter (a buffer delay for extremely short loop slices), Modulate (a self-modulating ring modulator), Bitcrush (sample rate and bit depth reduction, and our own "Error" effect), and Replicate (a special version of our Replicant effect, tuned for use with the cellular automata sequencer).
» Master section allows extensive mixing capabilities, enabling Automaton to excel at either adding subtlety (like an occasional extra hi-hat) or complete self-generating IDM madness.
» MIDI Learn for hardware control of most parameters (VST only)

Price: Coming soon for Pc and Mac.

"Automaton is a unique look at buffer effects, allowing you to experiment with artificial life within your DAW." Link