Effect: de la Mancha - pitchfork 2


de la Mancha releases pitchfork 2, a 3 band pitch shifter / modulator for Windows.

- 3 bands, can be split into low/mid/high frequencies or full spectrum
- each band can be shifted and modulated independantly by it's own shifter/LFO
- shift each band by +/- 36.00 semitones
- tempo sync LFOs from 1/16th to 32 beats
- LFOs have 20 waveforms with PWM for pulse and smoothing for random
- LFO gives further modulation by +/- 36.00 semitones
- LFO phase adjustment +/- 360 degrees
- mute each band for sound design
- midi CC's assigned to each control

Price: $15
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"Multi-band pitch-shifting can be useful to lower the bass frequencies of a kick drum or raise the sizzle on a cymbal in a drum loop, or you could automatically add bass and sub bass to any sound." Link