Sequencer: Sagan Technology - Metro 6.4.5

sagan metro

Sagan Technology launches version 6.4.5 of the Mac sequencer Metro.

• When a plug-in with no inputs (synth) is placed in the middle of an effects chain, the output is now mixed into the chain. This means that layers with some really cool and fat sounds can easily be created simply by placing multiple synths in the same chain.
• Chasing dialog allows an option for chase on record and/or play now.
• The '<', '>', page-down and page-up keys now work in the event editor if it is the frontmost window.
• Improved error handling when an audio device disappears and reappears (usually USB).
• Better VST support.
• New option for contextual plug-in popup, 'Filenames are preset names'. When this option is checked Metro will use the filename (.fxp), instead of the embedded preset name, in its preset popups.
• Faster launch times for those that have many plug-ins.
• New fields in the plug-in window, Discovery (date not channel) and Instantiations (number of times plug-in has been loaded).
• Profiling audio plug-in performance adds the track name or aux number to the printed information.
• Search field in the plug-ins window (The window must be made wide enough to see this field) makes it easy to find particular plug-ins.
• Horizontal scroll bar in plug-ins window.
• Realtime arpeggiator display always moves when enabled.
• Playing notes when the transport is idle now plays the note for the correct duration.
• A plug-in editor window was drawn all white the first time after a document was loaded. This could occur rarely depending on the plug-in.
• After saving a AudioUnit preset, the default preset was wrong.
• Human dialog could set note velocities to zero causing them to not sound.
• Using the arrow keys to shift automation data would cause all automation to be shifted. Now it only shifts the selected data.
• Using command-arrow to decrease duration could, in some cases, cause the note to be changed to a long note.
• Software audio play through now works more consistently.

Price: $69.99
Read more about Metro here.

"Metro is a fast-operating, easy-to-learn high-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. It stands alone as a complete and integrated MIDI, audio and video production system." Link