Effect: g200kg – Vocovee / Pc / Free


g200kg releases Vocovee, a free vocoder effect for Windows.



OSC 1 - 3

Form: waveform selection
Tune: tuning -2oct to +2oct
Detune: detune -100cent to +100cent
PWidth: pulse width control NOT only for square wave. all wave forms will become intermittent waves by this parameter. it is very important for Vocoder carrier because the human's vocal cords makes a intermittent waves like this.
Level: OSC output level

LFO 1 - 2

Form: waveform selection
Sync: temp sync mode
Freq: LFO frequency
Destination: LFO modulation target On or Off OSC1,2,3 or Filter cutoff each. and FM/PWM/AM selectable for OSCs.
Level: modulation level

Mono/Poly: Mono mode if 'ON' otherwise Poly 8voice mode.
BendRng: bend range setting 0 to 1oct.
Glide: Portament time control


Follow: env-follower time of modulator audio. setting high will cause clear speech.
Shift: formant shift.
Mangle: mangle the formant. it will cause special effect.
Bands: freq resolution simulating fewer bands vocoder. setting high will cause clear speech.

EQ Section

6 Bands EQ

Effect Section

Stereo Chorus
TempoSync Delay

Mix Section

Vocoder / Carrier / Voice(modulator) with HPF Carrier and Voice monitor button force through the vocoding. It is useful for checking original signals.

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“Vocovee is a VST 'Effect' version of the VOCOV. that has no 'Capture' sidechain plugin but the latency is small.” Link