Effect: HG Sounds - Soundscaper / Pc / Free


Homegrown Sounds unveils Soundscaper, a FREE VST Effect Plugin for Windows. It's capable of reverb, echo and comb effects.

300 different Timing Models
Number of Combs switchable between 1 and 8
Number of Allpasses switchable between 0 and 4
33 Styles which multiply the selected Mode Timings by increasing amounts
Size - Sets the feedback level of the Effect
Width - Sets the Stereo Spread of the Effect
Damp - Sets how much the signal is damped
MIx - Sets level between Dry and Wet
Master Volume - Sets the Master Output Level
Randomizers - A master Randomize for complete Randomization as well as local randomizers
Default - Instantly sets the patch to its default parameters
Freeze - Will Freeze the output when clicked, Dry signals pass through

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"SoundScaper has a diverse range of sonic possibilities using 300 datasets of comb/allpass timings, each providing a different effect model. Each of these modes can then be set to 1 of 33 different Multipliers which take it through tight comb based effects, to reverbs and finally echo banks." Link