Sequencer: Rosegarden 1.7.2 / Linux / Free

The great FREE Audio and MIDI Sequencer for Linux has been updated to version 1.7.2. Changes this time are:

* Use the same order of menu items in the right-mouse button menu for both
note insertion and rest insertion
* Make changing between non-dotted notes and dotted rests on the various
notation editor toolbars more sensible
* New LilyPond export option to interpret chord texts as lead sheet chord
* Place the chords above the staff in the notation view (works for the
first segment in the track)
* Fix the placing of the chords if the segment does not start from first
* Allow lead sheets with only a single chord
* Lyrics editing improvements:
1. A newline can be used as an alternative way to separate syllables
in lyrics.
2. If a full list of syllables is copied and pasted into an emptied
lyrics editor, the syllables will not just be entered to the first
bar, as used to be the case, but instead they will be be
distributed over the whole melody
3. Allow removing a verse even when there is only one verse left
4. Set cursor position in the beginning of the text when opening the
lyric edit dialog
5. Allow spaces in the syllables of lyrics to be exported to LilyPond


* Edit cursor now displayed correctly when editing multiple staffs in the
same notation view
* Parameters areas now update correctly when using “Convert notation for…”
function from notation view
* Prevent crash when changing from the rest insertion to the note
insertion in NotationView using the right-mouse button menu
* Fix updating the note/rest duration buttons in NotationView when
changing the dotting of notes or rests with the period (`.') button
* Fix broken export of invisible key signatures to LilyPond
* The notation editor now comes up with its default accidental entry mode
(“No accidental”) shown to be in effect, instead of leaving it to be

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