Sounds: Orange Tree Samples - CoreBass - Cherry Picked

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Orange Tree Samples has released the CoreBass - Cherry Picked sample library.

- 1.16 GB of 24-bit samples

- 4x intelligent round robin (no more machine gun effect!)

- Sampled down to a low B

- Long, natural decay

- Release tones

- Automatic hammer-on, pull-off, slide up, slide down articulations (intelligent legato)

- Automatic upstroke/downstroke

- Modeled EQ to simulate the tonal change of different velocities

- Custom slides, allowing you to slide from one note to another

Due to the extensive scripting, this sound library is available in Kontakt 2-3 format only.

Price: $64.95

“Cherry Picked is a continuation of the principles used in the CoreBass: Cherry sample library. This picked edition expands on the interpretive technology, automating the upstroke and downstroke samples, as well as capturing the nuances of the economy picking style.”

Orange Tree Samples - CoreBass - Cherry Picked