Synthesizer: Camel Audio - Alchemy


Camel Audio launches Alchemy, the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer.
Some of all features:

- 300 presets covering everything from pads and soundscapes to keys, basses and leads
- Over 2GB of samples and analyzed content from in-house designers
- 16 controls per preset carefully assigned by the preset designer, for instant access to each presets most tweakable parameters
- 8 remix pad variations per preset - click and drag to morph between variations
- two XY squares
- unique 'auto assign' feature to assign a full set of performance controls with two clicks
- 4 stereo sources each of which has additive, VA, spectral, granular and sampler engines
- morph between sources using advanced harmonic blending and precise time alignment
- up to 15 simultaneous filters
- 31 different filter types including 18 analog modeled filters, 2 comb filters, 3 CamelPhat distortion algorithms and polyphonic ring modulation
- 16 Effects
- Groove Arpeggiator
- Additive Synthesizer
- Virtual Analog Synthesizer
- Spectral Synthesizer
- Granular Synthesizer
- Flexible Modulation
- up to 16 LFOs, 16 AHDSRs, 16 MSEGs, 16 step sequencers - only those you use are displayed

Price: $249 USD / 199 EUR / 159 GBP
Available this autumn.

“Alchemy features additive, spectral and granular synthesis and resynthesis, sampling, and a very capable virtual analog engine with unison and PWM. You can morph or crossfade between sources.” Link