Synthesizer: Vember Audio - Surge 1.5.1a


Vember Audio updates the synthesizer Surge to version 1.5.1a.

- Sustain pedal (and other CC controllers) now works correctly for scene B
- The ringmod 2&3 signal in the osc mixer wasn't stereo with the wide filter-block configuration.
- Loading the preset "delay pops 4" no longer causes a crash
- The step sequencer couldn't retrigger envelopes when the modulation output of LFO1 wasn't used.
- [PC] When importing wavetables using wav-files they can now be up to 1024 samples long.
- [OSX] Reduced threading priority for patch switches, which should eliminate glitches on patch-changes.
- [OSX/PowerPC] Fixes for DSP-bugs in filters, wide-mode, oscillators & oscillator mixer.

Price: 135 € (EU) / 150 $ (non-EU)
Read more about Surge here.
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“Surge is an instrument capable of generating truly beautiful sequences of numbers. Your ears will agree with us.” Link