DAW: Ardour v2.6.1 released / Mac / Universal / Linux / Free


The free and fabulous Mac/Linux DAW Ardour has been updated to version 2.6.1. 
Latest changes:
Fix: plugin automation tracks would be drawn in the wrong place on the screen

New Features:
make libsndfile work with newer versions of FLAC
tracks in active edit groups now perform playlist operations (create, copy, select) in unison for playlists created for the group
embedded LV2 GTK GUI support
allow translated version use on OSX 
add session file type icon for OSX
shift-click now works to extend marker selections
marker drag moves all selected markers
add initial-program-change support
add move-selected-tracks-{up,down} commands
add global option to enable/disable region fades
enable activate/deactivate fades in all selected regions
global option to hide/show region fades

Fixes and Improvements:
massive improvements for OS X GUI speed and responsiveness
eliminate the double-draw during zoom on linux
fix track+strip ordering issues when sync editor+mixer order is enabled
fix for bad synchronization with other JACK transport-aware clients
fix reload & use of MIDI port configuration, so that per-session setup is actually used
fix URLs for freesound access
new swedish translation
fix handling of MIDI pitchbend message
handle missing pixmap files more gracefully
Fix import dialog clocks to display times that are correct in the current session
fix up generation of BWF field contents to avoid truncation and use correct date
stop AU plugins that fail to load (e.g. missing dongles) from crashing ardour
handle JACK stopping without crashing
fix audio glitches caused by plugin automation events
fix crash when clicking on certain region list items
security fix for libsndfile FLAC handling
fix position of canvas "time cursor" during dragging
make fonts smaller on location dialog buttons
improve performance when dragging multiple regions on the same track
reduce some redrawing of clocks
Speed up track resizing
fix disappearing automation controls when automation track has been made minimum size.
change design for how certain region list items operate if there are multiple regions selected
allow glue-to-bars-and-beats to be toggled for all selected regions
Set add route dialog non-resizeable so that Window Managers size it more sensibly
repeated time stretches/pitch shifts on the same region now use the correct original data
new grid line cache to speed up scrolling and grid display in general
fit-tracks now ignores (and hides) "in-the-middle" unselected tracks
fix possible crash and/or mis-setting of end-marker during session load

Developer Improvements:
compile with gcc 4.3
support building on Leopard

Read more about Ardour here.
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“Above all, Ardour strives to meet the needs of professional users. This means implementing all the "hard stuff" that other DAWs ( even some leading commercial apps ) handle incorrectly or not at all.” Link
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