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acid pro 7

Sony announces ACID Pro 7. Acid was one of my favorites a long time ago, when it was Sonic Foundry who owned it. Actually It was on Acid I started to create music. ACID Pro 7 is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and the great ACID looping functionality.

New features include:

Audio and MIDI mixing console
The new audio and MIDI mixing console offers additional routing options. The mixing console offers an integrated look at all tracks and busses in an ACID project with the appearance of a traditional hardware-based mixer, yet can be customized.

MIDI Track Freeze
With ACID Pro 7 software users can freeze MIDI tracks that use multiple soft synths and render them as a .wav file which can then be streamed and played back as audio files. MIDI Track Freeze provides faster results and greater CPU efficiency during a mixing session when using multiple soft synths.

Real-time rendering
Real-time rendering allows users to incorporate live input from external sources such as an instrument, microphone or MIDI controller device. Users can route audio to external hardware, and effects processors.

Input busses
With input busses, users have greater control over routing input signals, including the ability to record from external devices with effects, mix external audio sources with projects, use external effects processors with tracks and busses and perform real-time input monitoring.

Enhanced timestretch and pitch shifting with Zplane élastique Pro
Mixes created with ACID Pro 7 software sound better than ever using new élastique timestretching from Zplane. The Company's processing technology provides ACID Pro 7 software with new algorithms that provide nearly artifact-free time stretching and pitch shifting. Beatmapped tracks can be time stretched and pitch shifted even more dramatically while retaining maximum sound quality.

Enhanced Beatmapping for tracks with multiple tempos
The enhanced Beatmapping in ACID Pro 7 software allows users to Beatmap songs with varying tempos and time signatures.

Tempo curves
Users can create dramatic or subtle tempo changes in their ACID Pro projects using new tempo curves.

FLAC, AAC, AC-3 Studio, and MPEG2 format support
Users can import and export additional file formats with ACID Pro 7 software, allowing for more options with streaming media and hardware devices including the Apple iPod.

Price: $399.95 USD. Available in November.
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“ACID Pro 7 software is a DAW powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and legendary ACID looping functionality for a seamless music-creation and post-production environment.” Link