Sample Player: MidiMusiker - Monochrome SL1 / Pc / Free

Monochrome SL1

Midi-Musiker launches the free Monochrome SL1, a 1-slot stereo sample player for Windows.
Some Features:
Tap Delay with a 16-Step Draw Scope.
State Variable Filter and Overdrive are separately switchable.

“You can set the start and end points, reverse the sequence, change the sequence speed, adjust the pitch and add effects. Or just loop a sequence, it's up to you...” Link
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  1. Anonymous22:41

    nothing special... just made with synthmaker using ready modules of the program! no credit for the original author of the samplelooper...

  2. Ok, but can be useful anyways for those that can't create their own.

  3. Anonymous02:32

    Yes, its done with SynthMaker..
    Who cares? This Tool is fine!

    NO, there arent “ready-to-use” Modules…
    they are edited by Nox…


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