Sounds: Orange Tree Samples - CoreGuitar: Strawberry

CoreGuitar: Strawberry

Orange Tree Samples recently released a new electric guitar sample library for NI’s Kontakt, called CoreGuitar: Strawberry. Using Kontakt's scripting engine, CoreGuitar: Strawberry interprets the input from your MIDI controller (or sequenced MIDI data) in order to produce realistic guitar tracks.

The library was sampled directly from the output of the guitar, with no post-processing, meaning you can apply your own guitar effects and amplifier or cabinet modeling. The articulations sampled range from plain sustains and various degrees of palm-muting to strikes, squeals, and artificial harmonics.

The library features:
- 1.57 GB of 24-bit samples
- 2x intelligent round-robin sample cycling for both downstroke and upstroke articulations
- Variable pre-pick noises
- Whammy bar effects
- String resonation
- Dynamic vibrato
- Custom slides
- Intelligent legato
- Alternate tunings

CoreGuitar: Strawberry is available for $119.95 (normally $129.95) as a direct download via the Orange Tree Samples website.

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