Synthesizer: Homegrown Sounds - Astralis Orgone


Homegrown Sounds releases Astralis Orgone, a Dual Sample based Synthesizer for Windows.
Here are some of all the features:
2 Independent Synthesizer sections each having:

A Sampler which uses 16/24/32bit WAVS.
150 wavs included.
Filter with Low Pass, Hi Pass, Notch, Band Pass, Peak A and Peak B modes cascadable up to 8 times.
Volume, Pan, Octave, Semi and Fine Tune controls
Auto Levelling Drive
White Noise
FX Send
Velocity Sensitivity
GUI Volume Envelope with up to 32 stages and repeating range.
Zone - Limit to a range of the keyboard
Pitch Bend Enable
Microtuner Enable
Filter Range Limit
Sample Reverse
Sample Loop Alternate Mode
Sample Loop Zero Crossing.

Price: £25.00
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“It is a rounded synth capable of sounds ranging from Trance Style Rhythms to Hard Leads and excels at Pads, Atmospheres and FX.” Link