Synthesizer: odo synths - Double Six v2.0

Double Six v2.0

Odo Synths releases Double Six version 2. It’s a 6-operator FM synth for Windows with 32 DX7 algorithms and 16 4-operator algorithms.

.00 Operators have 11 different waveforms
.01 Every operator has a clipper
.02 2 octave sequencers
.03 3 envelopes with retrigger mode on BPM rates.
.04 3LFOs with 19 different waveforms .with 16 different BPM speeds And free rate mode.
.05 Midilearn
.06 Velocity controls for volume filter and phasemodulation depth
.07 One bug is fixed.There was some problems in the DoubleSix V1.0 algorithms view.
.08 Envelope stage looping
.09 gater effect
.10 updated the delay it has now 32 bpm rates

It’s donationware.
Read about the previous version here.
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“Double Six is DonationWare.Every one who donated for DoubleSix gets this one for free.” link