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Ableton has updated the best sequencer on the market: Ableton Live to version 7.0.12.
MIDI surface controller support for the Alesis Master Control
MIDI controller support for Vestax VCM 600
Operator's voice stealing would not work properly.
Under certain conditions an empty MIDI effect Rack could lead to audio drop-outs.
The 'Rename' command for an Impulse slot would not be available via the context menu.
A copied or moved Reverb would not properly show the correct curve with Diffusion Network enabled.
After installing content packages, a dialog could show a message about a failed installation although the installation was successful.
A copied or moved Tension instrument would not show the correct filter curve.
Dragging a particular chain from a Drum Rack into 'empty' Arranger space could crash Live.
On Windows Vista, resizing the main window would heavily flicker if AERO was enabled.
On Windows Vista, locking the computer or coming back from a screen saver would temporarily disable AERO.
Moving a clip in a track with an External Instrument and routed to a multitimbral plug-in could crash Live.
Moving zones in the the Sampler could lead to hard disk dropouts.
Live's search index would not properly handle version 2.3 ID3 tags.
Dragging in a clip containing an Audio Unit plug-in could cause a message box to appear, canceling the drag.
Some memory leaks could appear under Vista when resizing windows.
Tighter MIDI timing when looping in the Arranger.
Files would incorrectly be dated as “Yesterday” during a few hours around midnight.
The macro settings of a rack containing certain third party plug-ins would not properly restored when loading the rack.
Having multiple automation lanes on an audio track and removing one lane would not properly display the audio waveform on the remaining lanes.
Doing the the Capture and Insert Scene command could create a memory leak.
When running as MIDI clock slave, Live would only display a rounded to the nearest integer tempo.
On Mac OS X, the functionality to ask the AU plug-in for its supported formats would not work properly.
If Live would run as ReWire slave but would not get called from the ReWire master for some time, a message box would appear to inform about that problem. This message box again could lead to a crash of Live and the ReWire master. Now, the the message about the inactive ReWire master is displayed on the status bar.
Sending a MIDI program change message from an external MIDI source into Live would lead to a crash.
Depending on the structure of the current Live set, arming a track could be extremely slow.
Unlock offline would not work properly.

Price: EUR 419/USD 499
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“Live offers two main views—the Session View and the Arrangement View—that interact in a powerful and unique way, allowing you to create, produce and perform your music all in a single application.” Link

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