DAW: Zynewave – Podium 2.07


Zynewave releases version 2.07 of the Windows DAW / Sequencer software - Podium.

Added several new options to the timeline ruler region properties. It is now possible to configure which of the cursor, segment, punch and loop ranges should be shown. The auto-hide option can be used to hide the ruler when the shown range is disabled. When the zoom/slide option is enabled the mouse-wheel will zoom in/out on the timeline and click-drag will slide the timeline.

Hovering the mouse over a timeline ruler will highlight the region with a line indicating the snapped time position. Hovering over the segment, punch and loop bars will highlight these. A resize cursor is shown when the mouse is over the edge of the bars.

Added "Zoom Full Range", "Zoom Segment Range", "Zoom Punch Range" and "Zoom Loop Range" commands to the timeline ruler popup menu.

Changed the Podium default setup to use separate auto-hiding loop, punch and segment regions. Use the "load default setup" command in the setup menu to get the new timeline layout.

Clicking the middle mouse button in any of the timeline regions will set the edit cursor position. Holding the middle button will drag the cursor. Double-click will start/stop playback.

Fix: Recording with auto-assign audio input was not working.

Price: 90 dollar
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“Podium offers a unique hierarchic mixing engine that integrates audio recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear.” Link
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