Instrument: Audio Impressions DVZ Strings 2.0

DVZ Strings 2.0

Audio Impressions launches DVZ Strings 2.0. Featuring 70 string instruments.
18 Violins I
16 Violins II
14 Violas
12 Celli
10 Basses

New Features:

Digital audio via Gigabit Ethernet to replace costly I/O.
Individual stereo outputs for each string section provide mixing flexibility.
10 Decca Tree room mic selections with 5 mic pattern choices.
Two-octave KBD controller option for replacing mouse and screen.
Re-mastered samples with optional microtonal scaling for world music.

“DVZ Strings has 70 players. These instruments with all their styles & effects are immediately avilable from a single load into your sampler computers.” Link
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