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infinite player

Sonic Reality announces Infinite Player, an Expandable Studio Instrument Plugin.
This new plug-in and stand alone music software is made to be infinitely expandable with fresh new sample content from Sonic Reality including the Studio ProFiles series multi-track drum kit and groove collections.
It is able to read a wide range of sounds whether it’s the sounds of famous drummers’s kits and grooves from the Studio ProFiles Drum Masters series or a new range of Infinite Instruments. It will also read the sounds of Sonic Reality’s “Sonik Capsule” series with special Kontakt-only versions now called “Kapsules”. For the initial launch there will be over 50 gigabytes of material available to customize your own studio instrument sound station.
Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player, the Infinite Player features high resolution 24 bit fidelity, virtually unlimited polyphony, up to 64-part multi-timbrality, advanced surround capabilities and integrated effects including convolution and master effects. It also has the unique ability to read Sonic Reality’s proprietary multi-channel Rex 2 files which are mapped across the keyboard in Kontakt’s Beat Mode which offers real audio drum grooves with both the ability to lock to your host’s tempo and also the ability to mix the discrete mics of the recorded drums.  Users of Kontakt software can also read Infinite Player libraries inside full Kontakt and the individual rex grooves can also be read by any software that supports Rex 2 files such as ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Stylus RMX, Reason, Project 5 and more.

It will be available world-wide as a download November 18th, 2008.
Prices ranging from $199 to $995.
Here are more Sounds, Loops and Samples.

“Sonic Reality Announces the introduction and Release of “Infinite Player -   Expandable Studio Instrument Plug-in” Link

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