Plugin: Sonoris Audio Engineering - Meter

sonoris meter

Sonoris releases the “Meter” plugin for Windows.
K-System metering, closely following the K-System specifications with three metering sets:

K12 for broadcast productions
K14 for home theatre, pop, rock, folk, etc
K20 for wide dynamic music

Regular, non K-system scale also available
High resolution metering of peak and loudness levels, on the same scale
Intersample peak metering mode
Correlation meter
Peakhold function with resetable indicators or 10 seconds hold
Loudness measurement methods: RMS/flat (AES-17) and Leq(A-weighted)
Pink noise output (left, right or stereo) for monitor calibration of 0dBr / 83dB
Adjustable number of consecutive overs before clipping
Resettable clipping indicators
Resettable clipping incident counters
Mousewheel support
All samplerates supported
Low CPU load
Settings can be saved
64 bit resolution

Price: 125 dollar. A Mac version will follow soon.

“With this plugin, you can accurately measure peak and loudness levels of audio signals, at one scale. Besides a regular meter scale the Sonoris Meter supports the K-System, from Bob Katz” Link
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