Sampler: One Small Clue – Poise 1.0.8


One Small Clue updates Poise to version 1.0.8. Poise is a great percussion sampler for Windows.

  • Improved skin support.
  • Sample playback has been optimized.
  • Improved velocity range editing.
  • It is now possible to select several sample layers (shift+click) and edit values for all sample layers simultaneously. Double clicking a sample layer will select all sample layers.
  • New shortcuts
  • Consistency between the different layer modes has been improved.
  • Changed: When editing multiple pads, editing sample layer specific parameters (Amplitude attack, decay etc, ) will apply to all layers on all selected pads. Previously edits were only applied to the currently selected layer on the current pad.
  • Browser child node indent has been made smaller, to help limit the sideways drift.
  • Added option to clear trigger notes.
  • Changed the way samples are dragged from the browser. The change may have fixed the problem with the browser tree sometimes collapsing.
  • Fixed: Copy/Swap hints didn't show in the sample LCD when on the "edit velocity ranges" page.
  • Fixed: Midi learn indicator didn't disappear once midi learnt for a single knob.
  • Fixed: Pressing enter didn't load all samples selected in the browser.
  • Fixed: Browser didn't respond to Ctrl+Mouse Click events properly.
  • Fixed: Deselect all pads wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed: wfd WaveformColor parameter in the skin config file wasn't being read.
  • The pad rename dialog as been replaced. It now opens above the current pad instead of random places on the scree.
  • The mouse-over sample item hint has been changed.

Price: 49 dollar
Demo Limitations: Poise will become silent after 15 minutes.
Read about an older version here.

“Poise is a light weight drum sampler. It features a streamlined workflow and options to shape a disparate range of samples into a coherent drum kit.” Link
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