Sequencer: MUTOOLS – MU.LAB 2.0.4 / Pc / Mac / Universal / Pro / Free

MU.LAB 2.0

MUTOOLS releases version 2.0.4 of the sequencer MU.LAB.
* Tuned: When using a Track Target, the "Choose MIDI Channel" in the sequence part context menu is disabled
* Tuned: Meta Parameter Map Editor: Right-click in background shows "Add New Mapping" option
* Tuned: Meta Parameter Map Editor: Options menu now also includes "Add New Mapping"
* Tuned: Single click on multiple selected parts/notes selects that single part/note

* Fixed: Dragging stuff from inside MU.LAB to the outside (e.g. Desktop) caused a crash. Note that this not yet a supported operation, but now it doesn't cause a crash anymore.

Read about previous version here.

MU.LAB Free has a 6 track limit and can only mixdown in 16-Bit.
MU.LAB Unlimited costs €49.

"On the contrary, MU.LAB is a user-friendly yet rock-solid musical tool designed to create, finetune and play Your Music!" Link

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