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Cluster Sound has released Minus Granular, a minimal DJ library based on granular synthesis: 930 Mb of construction loops, percussions, glitches, breaks & beats, buffered low sequences, grained voice loops, warm sound loops and much more. In addition to the loops you will get hundreds of multi format instruments and drum kits that will allow you to create your customized sequences. Minus Granular is extracted from Tech Producer DSP and its XPanders and consists of 1000 WAV loops & samples, 485 REX2 loops and 1830 instruments and drumkits.


Size: 930 Mb (Zip: 670 Mb)

Content: 1000 WAV / 485 Rex2 / 1830 instruments

90 Elec Kicks loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

90 Elec Snare loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

90 Elec HHat loops WAV/REX/Dracks)

105 Buffered Beat loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

90 Falling Beat loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

75 Hypno Perc loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

75 Echo Perc loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

60 Break Perc loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

75 FxDub Perc loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

90 Grain Voice loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

75 Aerial Loops (WAV/REX/Dracks)

150 Grain Impulse loops A (WAV/REX/Dracks)

150 Grain Impulse loops B (WAV/REX/Dracks)

90 High Freq loops

515 WAV Samples

Impulse 100 Drumkits & Clips

Simpler 30 Bass Instr. / 170 Drum Instr.

Sampler 30 Bass Instr. / 170 Drum Instr.

Kontakt 15 Bass Instr. / 145 Drum Instr.

NN-XT 15 Bass Instr. / 145 Drum Instr.

ReDrum 30 Drumkits

Price: 39.95 €

For more information and MP3 demos, visit their web site at

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