Synthesizer: AUDJOO - HELIX


Helix is a new software synth from Audjoo for both Pc and Mac. See what I’ve written about it before here.
Helix introduces a new oscillator type combining the concept of wave-shaping with wave-table synthesis, in addition this oscillator
also allows for up to 16 x unison similar to a super saw, but for any waveform.  Each of the 24 voices is made up of four oscillators, three filters and three distortion/saturation stages.
Key features:
* Low CPU usage
* 1000+ presets (from BigTone and others)
* Up to 64 x Unison per voice
* Semi Modular Architecture
* Unique Wave-Table-Shaping oscillators
* 17 filter types (3 per voice)
* 10 distortion types (3 per voice)
* All stereo signal path
* Deep Modulation
* Arpeggiator
* 7 Built in effects (Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Limiter, Reverb, EQ)

Price: $149

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