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cantabile 2.0

Topten Software announces Cantabile version 2.0 beta in three different versions. Lite (free), Solo and Performer. It’s a simple host for virtual music instruments and audio effects for real-time live performances. Very cool and useful software. Try it!

All Editions

New - Office 2007 style “Fluent” user-interface.
New - customizable Quick Access toolbar.
New - customizable Status bar.
New - pinnable recent session menu keeps favorite sessions handy.
New - plug-in selector for insert/replace plug-in.
New - support for multiple triggerable audio/MIDI players. (maximum of 2 in Lite)
New - audio file playback support. (wave and mp3)
New - undo/redo, drag/drop and clipboard support
New - recordings list panel, shows all recordings in a session with options to auto-delete unwanted recordings.
New - Null Audio Driver.
New - 64-bit version for Vista x64.
Improved - synchronization between metronome and media files.
Improved - Options dialog.
Improved - usability from PC keyboard.
Improved - performance on multi-core CPUs.
Improved - new file format considerably reduces size of saved sessions.
Improved - ability to capture keyboard even when other applications are active.
Improved - support for Wave64 audio files. (overcomes 4Gb limit of traditional wave file)
Removed – Plugin Organiser (no longer needed with new plugin organiser)
Removed - MIDI controller assignments (removed from Cantabile Lite only)
Removed - MIDI filters (removed from Cantabile Lite only)
many other miscellaneous improvements.

Cantabile Solo

Everything from above, plus:

New - session list window replaces Quick Sessions
New - 8 customizable on-screen MIDI controllers (4 sliders, 4 buttons).
New - Support for Unloaded plugins - plugin is unloaded, but Cantabile maintains its state.
New - Unlimited media file players.
New - ability to save per-session MIDI controller assignments for global items.
Improved - MIDI Controller Assignments dialog.

Cantabile Performer

Everything from above, plus:

New - sub-sessions allow saving multiple named states within the one session.
New - session list now supports loading session/sub-session pairs.
New - MIDI routing table - easily route MIDI events from input ports to racks or external devices.
New - Triggers - send MIDI configuration events on session load, sub-session load, transport play etc.
New - ability to send and receive MIDI clock.
New - support for 64-bit audio processing and recording.

  • completely rewritten user-interface
  • sub-session support
  • audio file playback
  • 64 bit audio
  • drag-drop and undo/redo
  • MIDI clock and synchronisation support

    Price: Free (Lite), $40 (solo), $100 (performer)

    Read about previous version here.

    “With Cantabile you can play VST instruments and effects (plugins) in real-time. Plugins can be connected in series to form racks of sounds and multiple racks can be run concurrently with each delivering a different sound or instrument.” Link

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