Audio Recorder: Sonic Assault - Capture! 1.0 / Pc / Free


Sonic Assault has also released Capture!, a free Audio Recorder plugin for Windows. Could be useful.

16 / 24 / 32 / 32-bit Float Recording and Playback
Stereo / Mono L / Mono R / Mono L+R Recording
0.001 sec - 10 Minute Recording Time
Selectable Notation Values / Seconds Time Settings
Host / Manual Tempo Settings Audio Input Triggered / Host Triggered / Manual Record Start
Normalised Audio Output Option
Looped Playback
User Adjustable Wave Display
Audio Input Level Clipper
8 Sample Slots
External MIDI Control of Recording and Playback Controls
16 User Patches

Here are more Effects, Plugins and Filters.

“Auto 16/24/32-bit Wav File Recorder” Link
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