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ableton live 7

Ableton has updated the “super” sequencer / DAW Ableton Live to version 7.0.14.

Updated Manual
On Mac OS X, changing the audio buffer size requires you to click on an 'Apply' button to commit the new buffer size. This should avoid that Audio Uinit plug-in are re-created more than once when changing the buffer size.
Deleting or moving a Rack chain while there are clip envelopes for one of the chain mixer's parameters (volume, pan, or sends) could crash Live.
MIDI overdub during Arranger recording could delete or cut notes.
Selecting a scene would display “Insert Scene” for the “Select All” menu entry.
Under very rare conditions and only with a Live set having at least 48 tracks, certain routings could switch to 'None' after previewing a Live clip or MIDI file.
Replacing an instrument inside a Rack with a track having additional automation lanes controlling parameters of the previous instrument would crash Live.
Dragging a clip from within Live or from the Browser would not use the Default preset.
When running Live as ReWire master with Propellerheads Reason as ReWire slave, under certain conditions Live would crash when switching presets in Reason in a way that would modify or change its MIDI targets.

Price: EUR 349/USD 399 
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“Ableton Live 7 is your companion during every stage of the musical process, from creation to production to performance.” Link

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