DAW: ardour 2.7.1 / Mac / Universal / Linux / Free

The free and superb Mac/Linux Sequencer / DAW Ardour has been updated to version 2.7.1. 
Changes in this version:

option to preserve formants when stretching/shifting
new option to control whether newly added plugins are active or not, enabled by default
copy sends as well as plugins when doing copy/paste operations in the mixer strip
copy send I/O configurations when copying sends
remove height buttons from automation tracks
new option to do cubase-style solo-overrides mute (off by default)
ardour-build plugin GUIs are now "taller" rather than "wider"
insert-time operation can now move markers too
double-click on plugin/send/insert boxes now brings up plugin manager
handle an instant.xml file (GUI state) that has been modified by ardour 3.0 (without crashing)
shorten coreaudio's format text strings
creating ranges from region selections now offers two different options: create 1 range spanning all selected regions, or create 1 range per selected region.

fix OS X display of startup message about missing JACK
actually delete commands from undo history when limiting depth of the history list. this fixes a massive memory leak in ardour when working with lots of regions and/or lots of edits.
MAJOR fix for any situation where an audio track is playing more channels than it has output ports. triggered by a report about playing an 8-chn AIFF file via the auditioner
set up folder/directory name correctly for range export
drastically improve handling of Drag-n-Drop internally, avoiding memory leaks and potential memory corruption
when using a top menubar (as on OS X), don't quit when the editor window is closed.
prevent lockup/hangs when caused by editing a track name and then resizing so that the track name entry field is hidden
select objects when clicking on them in region gain mouse mode, so that subsequent operations do not operate on unexpected objects.
don't duplicate LADSPA plugins in plugin manager list
items in region context menus that need a position (e.g. split) are desensitized if the edit point is "mouse", to avoid odd behaviour.
fix a bug that made certain prompt windows potentially able to cause crashes
make panner changes propagate into the panner GUIs even when the number of streams being handled is reduced
do not crash in an xrun handler when there is no session
lots of Session members now initialized in constructor, rather than being left to chance
correct control surface track indexing (fixes a crash when using Tranzport and others to go to "next" or "prev" track)
MTC message delivered internally when handling an MMC locate now contains correct FPS value, avoiding stupid error message from showing up.
compile correctly even with NLS=0
track names are now visible even with the "light" theme

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“Ardour capabilities include: multichannel recording, non-destructive editing with unlimited undo/redo, full automation support, a powerful mixer, unlimited tracks/busses/plugins, timecode synchronization, and hardware control” Link
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