Effect: AriesCode – AriesVerb 0.4a / Pc / Free


AriesCode launches the free Effect-Reverb plugin AriesVerb 0.4a. Looks useful.
Fixed: Random crash when an instance of AriesVerb is deleted.
Fixed: Random cease of operation, while displaying an empty or corrupted program name.

Fractional delay effect-reverb plugin.
17 geometry configurations.
6 feedback matrix configurations.
Delay time (room size): 1 µs (0.3 mm) to 1 s (330 m).
Independent control of low and high-frequency decay.
Stereo rotation.
Delay length modulation.
Modulation period from 0.001 s (1 kHz) to 10 s (0.1 Hz) allows for flanger, phaser, rotor, and FM like effects.
Overdrive distortion inside the feedback loop.

Read about previous version here.

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“When used conservatively as a room simuator, this plugin can do smooth reverbs with a lively and present sound.” Link
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