Instrument: Myst Sonic - Chinese Zither-GuZheng

Chinese Zither-GuZheng

Myst Sonic launches Chinese Zither-GuZheng, a Kontakt based instrument created of 24Bit 48HZ sample recordings of a classic wooden-type class Chinese instrument.

‧Multi body part and velocity layer sample take include bridge tone, body tone, and sound hole tones.

‧Just uni patch for multiple function control availably.

‧Assignable controller for real-time keymap switch between bridge tone and body tone.

‧Simulate Chinese Zither tremolo plucking technique trigger by midi keyboard.

‧Tremolo expression control by mod wheel.

‧Additional assignable controller for tremolo expression control.

‧Pick direction change control.

‧Each notes pitch changes independently under Virtual Bending Pitch Wheel System filter structure.

Price: € 49

“Chinese Zither-GuZheng is an ancient Chinese plucking style instrument used since more than 2500 years ago. It is different from the Japanese Koto in that it has more strings and sound range, and has a larger wooden body. Because of its classic wooden harmonic structure, its sound is similar to a harp, but has even more lucidity and clarity.” Link
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