Sounds: Cluster Sound - SST-282 Convo, CS-Sigma and CS-SX1000

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Cluster Sound launches SST-282 Convo, CS-Sigma & CS-SX1000, free XPander Packs for Tech Producer DSP users.
Thanks to their new XPander Packs, Tech Producer DSP Sound Library has hit 18 gigabytes. The 3 new libraries are quite different from the previous ones and represent a new approach to Cluster Sound multi-sampled libraries. XP11 – CS-Sigma, XP12 – CS-SX1000, XP13 – SST-282 Convo, CS-Sigma & CS-SX1000.

CS - Sigma & CS - SX1000 are two multi-sampled synths based on Kontakt KSP engine. Thanks to their intuitive and useful interfaces users can directly control in few clicks lot of Kontakt parameters and store their customized patches. The user interfaces are organized in 5 sections that allow users to choose their favorite filter and apply to it an LFO oscillator, to choose and apply insert effects and much more. CS - Sigma & CS - SX1000 consist of 1000 WAV samples recorded from the analog vintage Korg Sigma & Jen SX-1000.

Space Station Convo

In 1979 a small company called Ursa Major introduced a very strange and wondrous signal processor called the Space Station (SST-282), a vintage machine designed for echo, ambience, and reverb effects. Cluster Sound SST-282 Convo is a stylish convolution library for Kontakt, based on a real Ursa Major machine and designed for vintage echno and reverb effects simulation. Cluster Sound team has stored 225 settings and recorded two different IR impulse types for each setting (Low + High impulses) and the result is a wonderous reverb plugin which accurately reproduces the deep, warm and mysterious sound of this rare vintage machine.

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