Synthesizer: H.G. Fortune – The DreamMachine V2

The Dreammachine v2

H. G. Fortune unveils version 2 of The Dreammachine, a self running VSTi Synthesizer.
Most noticable are the new XY-SuperModulation controls at the three synth parts and the 16 step note sequencer at the bottom. In addition to that the sf2 files had to be reworked too. Now featuring different wave sets. With the new 16 step note sequencer you can now advance manually using a MIDI keyboard. The output sections with delay have been integrated to the respective synth parts. There is also a new LFO X with 9 complex waveforms.
X-Mas special price of 89 Euro. After Jan. 1st 2009 it will be 119 Euro.
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“The concept of the Dreammachine is based on very slow running LFO being used for wavesequencing and sound modulations. Thus realtime editing is not as one might expect it.” Link
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